Jean Hughes

Current Work

"Easy Riderz" - Glasgow Briggaitt

View from my studio during summer. This part of Glasgow is full of character. Underneath the railway bridge the renowned 'Paddy's Market' trundled along. 'open every day - apart from Sunday when we all go to church/chapel' - so I was told by a witty stallholder. Painted on bridge is the slogan - ' Easy Riderz' - Pay No Poll Tax' - referencing the reaction to its' trial run in Scotland! Two of the high towerblocks have now been pulled down so the scene has changed since it was painted. Also Paddy's Market has mostly closed down.
Progress often tends to erase the character and characters who shaped the city of Glasgow.

Oil on canvas
24" x 36"

£650.00 Framed

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"Easy Riderz" - Glasgow Briggaitt
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